A Brand New World …..

WhalesWell, it is for me anyway!

Welcome to my brand new website – I’m really excited to have a new home to show you what I’ve been doing lately, showcase some of my work, and chat to you about what I do and why (even if I am not always so sure myself!) Looking forward to sharing with you all on this here, my blog, linking to my facebook site and generally keeping in touch with all my friends out there.

I’m really blessed to have had a great year so far, with many exciting projects, returning clients, new clients … and in the process I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends. I’ve also been privileged to have learnt from some of the greats in this business in the last year – Brett Florens, Johan Pretorius, and just the other day Joe McNally – what an absolute pleasure and very humbling that these guys, who are iconic in the photography field continue to share their hard-earned experience and know-how with us, that we can grow as photographers too – a heartfelt thank you!

And thank you! For dropping in, having a look around, and I hope that you will keep coming back and bring your friends!

I include an image of some of those gentle giants who right now are ending their perilous journey from Antarctic waters to the cost of South Africa to have their babies … what a joy to be able to witness this, and good testimony that we are getting some things right!

See you soon, David

4 responses to “A Brand New World …..”

  1. Fantastic work Dave!
    The “Abstract Photographs” are amazing and my personal fave!

    Well done!!!! 🙂

    • Thank you Liza … Keep coming back, I love abstract work and will be adding plenty more!

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