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David G.F. Smith
David G.F. Smith

Hallo there, thanks for visiting my new website.

My name is David G.F. Smith. I include the G.F. because, well, to be honest, there are LOTS of David Smiths out there! However, my Mom and my Dad wisely included middle names of Graham and Fergus so I could distinguish myself, and I can tell you there are not many David Graham Fergus Smith’s around!

Anyway, that’s only part of my story! You are probably here because you are interested in beautiful imagery, or have need of photographic services, and the amazing internet, or some of my even more amazing friends and/or clients have directed you here! You are in the right place!

I’m a Cape Town, South Africa based destination photographer – what does that mean? Well, basically, I have invested a lot of time and money in ensuring that I can travel anywhere in the world, and have the right equipment and experience to do the job – whether it is creating stunning images for a high-class wedding in Europe or equally high class wedding on a secluded beach, photographing a remote safari lodge only accessible by 4×4 vehicle or guiding a private photographic safari in the Kalahari desert, I have the camera and equipment to make it work, and can and do travel!

My passion is photography – it is my chosen medium to communicate the beauty that I see to others, inspiring emotion through my images, touching the human heart. Whether it is a wedding that I have been privileged to create memories of, an event that I have documented, or one image that I have waited for hours to capture – I always seek out the beauty that is there to behold, and with my camera, I capture the essence of a beautiful moment.

Through the mixing of several disciplines, I feel I am able to take a fresh approach to different fields of photography, and do not feel constrained to follow any particular style, trusting my eye and understanding of light to create images which tell stories.

Commercially, I concentrate on Wedding Photography, Event Photography, Property Photography and Wildlife Photography, although I am always experimenting in different fields so that I can bring a fresh approach to all that I do. My love of the outdoors takes me to amazing places, and I always like to try and capture spectacular Land and Sea-scapes!

Dave and Rosie
Dave and Rosie

My two dogs Rosie and Coco make sure that I do not work too hard and get fresh air regularly, and when I am not working, I enjoy sitting back and relaxing with a good book, or trying my hand at the latest adventure game on the PS3.

Have a browse around, and if you enjoy what you see, drop me a line  – I’d love to hear your story and how I can create something special for you.

Kind wishes, David G.F. Smith

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