What do I do? Sometimes I ask myself … what exactly is it that I do? Well, I am attracted to things of beauty and expression, and I like to express that in the best way that I do, which is to photograph them in the best way that I can ….. and that is never really the same from one person to another, or one project to another. Sure, certain principles remain the same, but some things, like people, are unique and require special and individual treatment …. this is what I specialise in.

I aim to offer an excellent value for money service in all that I do, and provide the best possible results under the conditions that I have been presented with!


The fields that have found me commercially are wedding photography, property photography, portrait photography, travel photography, and event photography. I say that they have found me, because invariably they have come along and tapped on my shoulder while I have been doing something else! I realised early in my wedding photography career that there was a need to be a specialist in several different fields to be really good – event photography, portrait photography, food photography, property photography. On top of this, being able to recognise good light, or create good light, utilise backgrounds, capture moments, communicate with people, and run a solid business all help!

My whole work process has evolved around location photography, and as a destination photographer I have accumulated all of the camera and lighting equipment that I need to take awesome images anywhere in the world. I am really flexible and can offer a family shoot on a remote beach with full lighting control, or a property shoot at a lodge in the bush – my equipment and I can travel anywhere!

I’ve never really wanted to be tied down to any one particular genre of photography, but simultaneously recognise the need to specialise in what makes each genre work. I recognise too that this is a lifelong task, and that I will never know it all, or be too old to learn something new. This makes each day exciting and a new experience, blended with old, and allows me to appreciate the work of my peers and learn from the selfless sharing of those around me whose work I respect.

I have always had a great affinity to the natural world, and any time I am really looking for inspiration, I head out in to the natural world, and look to the creatures with whom we share this planet for soothing my soul, and it is here that I find a great peace following my heart, and capturing moments that not everybody in this world is lucky enough to see.

Printed Material

Virtually all of the photographs on my website (excluding those of people) are available for sale as limited quantity prints. These may be as large format canvas prints, or framed prints on quality paper. Please contact me with your requirements for further details on

Guided Tours and Tuition

I have a limited amount of time available each year to offer exclusive guided tours to my clients – either on a one-on-one basis, or to small groups. I try not to make the groups bigger than 4 people, so that I can spend sufficient time with each client. I teach people how to better use their camera equipment, how to create images that look awesome, and how to make those awesome images unforgettable in the digital darkroom. I also lead tours in places of interest such as along the whale coast in the Cape, in Cape Town itself,  and in selected wildlife destinations in Southern Africa, such as the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and.

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