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The Wedding of Tom and Jayne

Our summer seems to have been a little late in arriving, and we have had plenty of late-winter rainstorms, followed by gale force winds, and then suddenly summer was here ….. or not, as yet another cold front hit Cape Town, and hail storms affected the interior of South Africa.


You have to be rather brave to try and plan a perfect wedding day in the Cape in October …. do you get the Cape of Good Hope or do you get the Cape of Storms? Tom and Jayne ventured from the British Isles to tie the knot in Cape Town and I’ll admit I was slightly nervous as another storm lashed at Cape Town. I put on a brave face, put in  my order for warm weather with some clouds …. need those clouds for beautiful soft light … and of  course a spectacular sunset.
The wedding was to take place at the charismatic 2inn1 Kensington, one of my favourite Cape Town guest houses, with minister Walter Schwaer at 3pm, and the weather had clouded over and luckily gave us some relief from the 30 degree plus heat that was lurking around … but it looked too thick to guarantee any sort of sunset in the evening.

The Wedding of Tom and Jayne

We had a lovely small intimate ceremony with Lion’s Head behind us and agreed that we would take a chance on the sides of Table Mountain or Signal Hill for some sunset images over the ocean ……

The Wedding of Tom and Jayne



The Wedding of Tom and Jayne


Later in the evening, the light was lovely, but the wind was rising … still, can’t have everything and we got some great photos along the road with the beautiful chincherees in the foreground and the twelve apostles and Lion’s Head in the background.

The Wedding of Tom and JayneThe Wedding of Tom and Jayne

We headed over the back of Signal Hill and were treated to, not only windless conditions, but a most beautiful sunset, and on the bay ocean side a full rainbow above us, just to top it all off!!!

The Wedding of Tom and Jayne

What a wonderful day!! Couldn’t have ordered it any better!

The Wedding of Tom and Jayne

Thanks to Milan for assisting, and wishing Tom and Jayne everything of the best in their married life together


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