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  • Dreaming of Vikings and Vineyards

    Dreaming of Vikings and Vineyards

    Has it been so long since my last post? Dare I say I have been too busy … well it is true, I have had a really great wedding season and now with winter fast approaching I can finally sit back and take stock. I’ve met some really great people from all over who have…

  • The Wedding of Mario and Silvia

    The Wedding of Mario and Silvia

    It’s been a busy time …. no excuse not to be chatting here, but many changes, many good things and have been working hard while closing off one year and welcoming in another. What better way to close off one year than to share in the love and celebration of a beautiful beach wedding on…

  • Cape Town Weddings

    Cape Town Weddings

    Our summer seems to have been a little late in arriving, and we have had plenty of late-winter rainstorms, followed by gale force winds, and then suddenly summer was here ….. or not, as yet another cold front hit Cape Town, and hail storms affected the interior of South Africa.   You have to be…