Family Photography

Steven and Jennifer Huege Grootbos SessionOne of the things that I really enjoying doing is photographing families – I mean if you can photograph weddings you can photograph ANYBODY right?

Weeeeell, not that simple – photographing children is seldom easy, and finding the right balance between entertaining and capturing images is needed.






Steven and Jennifer Huege Grootbos SessionI had a really great session at one of my favourite destinations, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve ( with Steve and Jen and little Jody from the US of A. We played in the beautiful gardens and then headed on down to the beach, and got some really great images in spite of the gloomy grey weather …. which I tell the ladies is a girl’s best friend for portrait photography!



Steven and Jennifer Huege Grootbos SessionMy thanks to Christof for helping with the lighting equipment, which was basically a Nikon SB900 speedlight in a Lastolight softbox on a monopod, triggered by a pocketwizard TT5.

The final results were compiled into a beautiful A3 Photobook and an A1 Canvas print which were couriered across to America for the clients …. The story had a very happy ending 🙂

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